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A Thankyou.

So…good evening my friends.
What a month I’ve had.
Work has been…demanding.
And I have taken on even more responsibility and liability.
Such fun.
But a couple of weeks ago I was asked to write a poem.
Which I did and it was posted today on http://debradml.com/ by the lovely @DebraDML
A wonderful lady indeed.
Now…I only had the opportunity to read a select few poems from the collection.
And this evening I read them all.
A truly diverse and stunning collection of prose.
I am so very impressed with the list I am humbled to be within.
My friend Mr PJ Bayliss has as always outdone himself and well…what can I say about Angel?
Simply wonderful.
But most of all I would like to request that you all do the same and go to the website.


I for one can not wait for the next challenge.

Thank you for reading.


Copyright Mr Darwin Blake 2013


They saw each other every day.
If only from a far.
Every day just one step.
They took closer still.
And one day.
The tide was far and the land took place of the sea.
They walked toward each others heart.
And loneliness was no more.
They touched and smiled.
Their fingers linked.
A brief “Hello.” Was all it took.
As he took her in his arms.
And for that moment.
And ever more.
They held each other tightly so.
Then their world was complete.
The tide that fled.
It soon came back.
And without a care they embraced.
And slowly as the waters met.
He kissed her.

…kissed by the lapping of the waves.

Copyright Mr Darwin Blake 2013


My love.
Do you remember that fine night?
When you said those words to me?
When you made my world complete.
On that April night?
My love.
Do you recall those words you said?
How they rattled in my head.
How they made my heart alight.
On that spring time eve?
My love.
Do you remember what I said?
When I stood in silence.
When you gave your heart to me.
Oh your precious heart.
My love.
Do you remember what came next?
After you said night to me.
As you slowly drove away.
Oh how my words boomed.
My love.
Remember what I wrote for you?
On that scrap of paper.
Remember how the ink was wet?
As I ran to you.
My love.
Remind yourself of how you smiled.
As my hand pressed to the glass.
As you read my simple words.
When I stopped your car.
My love.
Reminisce of when I sat.
Closed the door and said the words.
Actually said them out loud.
That I loved you back.
My love.
Dream with me of that night.
How our lives changed.
How we grew.
Since that special day.
My love.
These words are yours eternally.
Ask me any time, you’ll see.
Ask me to recite those words.
Darling I Love You.


Gripping tight, the tendons rise.
I feel them stiffen against the bind.
Tugging, pulling, twisting so.
Arching back and forth they do.
As I bring you…closer to.
Crescendo slowly building up.
Pulling at your silken restraint.
Begging “Lover let me go.”
Pleading to me to release.
But my sweet, I have you bound.
Your pleads to me, the sweetest sound.
My own are still.
My mouth at work.
Tender kisses, other things.
Shall I let you free?
Let you please me?
Yes, I think.
This shall be so.
Soft red marks you duly rub.
Smiling at me.
“Thank-you love.”
What shall we do now they are free?
Oh my days I silently say.
As you take me to the floor.
Moving slow.
Fingers wrapped.
Crease of skin as you flex.
Twisting, turning, flexing pleasure.
A tornado of movement.
A tightly gripped moment of delight.
As you bring me pleasure deep.
Using only your wrist…
Imagine if you used your mouth…
Moving slightly, grip is changed.
Nails are dug and moans released.
Circling your hand.
Coming up to kiss my lips.
Taking me slowly to paradise.

Oh my days…

The way you look at me so sweetly.
Oh my days…
The way you stand in the moonlight.
Oh my days…
The way you toy with me.
Oh the ways…
The way you show me all the ways.
Oh my days…
The way you slink beneath the sheets.
Oh my days…
The way you rush to see me.
Oh my days…
The way you hold me tight at night.
Oh my days…
The way you wake me from a daze.
Oh my days…
The way you dance beneath the moon.
Oh my days…
The way you rock me.
Oh my days…
The way you love me.
For always…