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Drifting in to paradise.

My mind wanders with sweet delight.
My dreams filled of only you.
My fingers dip beneath the elastic of my shorts.
I feel myself rise.
I think of you.
Stood before me.
Telling me how and when to touch. Commanding me to release the pressure.
Smiling wickedly and telling me to grip harder.
My breathing shallows.
A deep urge builds.
Not quite yet you say to me.
To help prolong the thrill.
Hot to touch now.
Can’t hold back.
Yes you say.
The time had come
I release.
And then some!
A shudder washes over me.
And knowing that you’re there.
Clench for me.
I slowly let it out.
A moan so deep, it hurts my throat.
And sated is my need.
My hunger is no longer.
My need is quenched again.
My eyes closed tight.
My breathing slows.
I know not what my body does as I drift in to paradise.

Copyright Mr Darwin Blake 2013


Her flesh slid around his.
As one for the first time.
Together at last.
An eternity apart.
A lifetime without.
They savour.
Every second.
A memory made.
Every moment.
As if lost in each other.
Fingers entwined.
Moans as one.
She sinks lower.
Lower still.
Until there is no more.
He is within.
Delicious feelings.
Flesh grasped.
The moment comes but not at once.
It lasts and it lingers.
Shuddering waves.
Breath…gasp…quivering lips.
The feeling held.
Like the lovers.
Held forever.
In each other’s arms.

Copyright Mr Darwin Blake 2013

One more.

One more touch.
A sweet caress.
I run my fingers.
Across your chest.
Swirling every finger tip.
Watching as…
You bite your lip.
Smiling as…
You moan delight.
Your body lit by candlelight.
Waiting for that perfect time.
Time to make your body mine.
Seconds pass and minutes fly.
As I slowly bide my time.
Beneath my touch your body shines.
Dont touch yet.
Not your turn.
Patience is a virtue love.
Something that you’ll soon learn.
Now my fingers dance so slow.
Wandering to what’s below.
Feel me there.
And the warmth grows.
As my fingers dip.
That warmth you feel.
It spreads across.
Every inch of flesh.
The pleasure is all yours.
The pleasing is all mine.
Shall I keep you at the peak?
Slow and gentle pace.
Or my sweet surrender.
Should my fingers race?
Do you want it now my love?
Or will you last all night?
It’s up to you my Angel.
Tell me what feels right.

Mr Darwin Blake © 2013

My Secret.

Did I ever tell you friend.
That you’re my secret smile?
The one I wear on each new day.
That loving little grin.
Oh my sweet and gorgeous friend.
How you make me smile.
Free and pure am I with you.
Smiles they are abound.
Keep me grounded and in check.
Feet firmly on the ground.
Every day I see you there.
Not close enough to hold.
No matter how the road does look.
My hand you always hold.
Deep within my heart I’ll keep.
Every word you say.
Friends like you they are so few.
But oh so far away.
My life enriched with your heart.
A loving ray of light.
And until my dying day.
When I am grey and old.
My heart is your to hold.

Copyright Mr Darwin Blake 2013


Temping as it may well seem.
Our lives revolve around this dream.
They dance along to the beat.
Of lashes long and wicked tongues.
I can not help myself, you see?
For all these things, they do tempt me.
They drive wild and spur me on.
Good and bad.
Right and wrong.
They keep me guessing all day long.
And at night, shall I go on?
Those eyes they tempt me even more.
When you stand beside the door.
As you lean and rest your head.
On the glossy painted frame.
And as for frames, I have no words.
For yours is simply put, superb.
Shaped as if the God’s had, a Goddess sculpting class.
I see it now, clay does fly as Cupid goes for gold.
But the winner is Venus, she made you so serene.
Perfect skin and shaped with care.
That rear it drives me wild.
That thing you do, yes when you wink.
It sets me off in ways unknown.
I could go on for hours and hours.
Of how you tempt me so.
But I’ll stop and come to show.
How tempting dreams can be…


My love.
Do you remember that fine night?
When you said those words to me?
When you made my world complete.
On that April night?
My love.
Do you recall those words you said?
How they rattled in my head.
How they made my heart alight.
On that spring time eve?
My love.
Do you remember what I said?
When I stood in silence.
When you gave your heart to me.
Oh your precious heart.
My love.
Do you remember what came next?
After you said night to me.
As you slowly drove away.
Oh how my words boomed.
My love.
Remember what I wrote for you?
On that scrap of paper.
Remember how the ink was wet?
As I ran to you.
My love.
Remind yourself of how you smiled.
As my hand pressed to the glass.
As you read my simple words.
When I stopped your car.
My love.
Reminisce of when I sat.
Closed the door and said the words.
Actually said them out loud.
That I loved you back.
My love.
Dream with me of that night.
How our lives changed.
How we grew.
Since that special day.
My love.
These words are yours eternally.
Ask me any time, you’ll see.
Ask me to recite those words.
Darling I Love You.


If I’m far away.
Another place.
Another day.
Working in a lonely world.
Waiting to be in your arms.
Phone calls are but such a tease.
Your silken voice away from me.
Those lips like silk.
Your skin so soft.
Of theses things I am robbed.
Falling softly in to sleep.
Happy smile and mind at peace.
Of theses things I am without.
When I am so distant.
Slumber stifled.
Half awake.
Restless body.
For you I ache.
Soon I shall return to you.
See your smile.
A tear or two.
Wipe them softly from your face.
Hold you tightly in my arms.
Thankful that I have returned. 

Lullaby of your heart.

Let me spend a moment.
To lie here in your arms.
I close my eyes.
And feel the warmth.
Against your chest I lay.
Heart it pounds against my ear.
I feel the rise and fall.
Quiet, content breath.
Slow compared to your heart.
I know that each and every beat.
Is just for me to hear.
It whispers as it beats away.
Loving, caring sounds.
And as the rhythm carries me.
I begin to dream.
The lullaby of your heart.
I’ll know is always mine.


Gripping tight, the tendons rise.
I feel them stiffen against the bind.
Tugging, pulling, twisting so.
Arching back and forth they do.
As I bring you…closer to.
Crescendo slowly building up.
Pulling at your silken restraint.
Begging “Lover let me go.”
Pleading to me to release.
But my sweet, I have you bound.
Your pleads to me, the sweetest sound.
My own are still.
My mouth at work.
Tender kisses, other things.
Shall I let you free?
Let you please me?
Yes, I think.
This shall be so.
Soft red marks you duly rub.
Smiling at me.
“Thank-you love.”
What shall we do now they are free?
Oh my days I silently say.
As you take me to the floor.
Moving slow.
Fingers wrapped.
Crease of skin as you flex.
Twisting, turning, flexing pleasure.
A tornado of movement.
A tightly gripped moment of delight.
As you bring me pleasure deep.
Using only your wrist…
Imagine if you used your mouth…
Moving slightly, grip is changed.
Nails are dug and moans released.
Circling your hand.
Coming up to kiss my lips.
Taking me slowly to paradise.

May I?

Would I be quite so bold,
Asking you for your soul?
Asking if you’ll join with mine.
Linked as one, for all time.
Bound by love and passion fueled.
Bring me sunshine, smiles and stars.
Take from me what you deserve.
My body, heart and soul to take.
I’ll sign it over,  if you like.
A document’s official, right?
Then you’ll have it for all time.
To put my soul along with thine.
Place your hand upon my chest.
Feel my heart beating fast.
Can you hear it’s rhythmic thrum?
Beating out like a drum.
Yes my love, you hear it right.
Your name it beats for all time.

Happy Birthday @KatieMagnet