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Stairway to Heaven.

My eyes they slowly trace the line.
Upward, skywards, so divine.
Fingers skip along your leg.
To that place between.
Where the warmth does lie.
Pulses race across your flesh.
Breath it quickens.
Gathers pace.
Teasing with my soul and flesh.
Lace against my finger tips.
Tiny black bow ties.
Make my fingers want to dance.
Quick not slower.
But not a race.
Use my lips and tongue tip well.
Biting gently, little nips.
What’s that my sweet?
Speak it loud.
Scream and shout.
Purr for me.
As my fingers dance.
But it seems.
That’s not enough.
Fingers grip my curls.
Drag my head from where it sits.
And press it to your lips.
Wrap your thighs around my head.
Pull me, press me, grind against.
On this stairway.
Your body begs to dance.

Copyright Mr Darwin Blake 2013