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A Thankyou.

So…good evening my friends.
What a month I’ve had.
Work has been…demanding.
And I have taken on even more responsibility and liability.
Such fun.
But a couple of weeks ago I was asked to write a poem.
Which I did and it was posted today on http://debradml.com/ by the lovely @DebraDML
A wonderful lady indeed.
Now…I only had the opportunity to read a select few poems from the collection.
And this evening I read them all.
A truly diverse and stunning collection of prose.
I am so very impressed with the list I am humbled to be within.
My friend Mr PJ Bayliss has as always outdone himself and well…what can I say about Angel?
Simply wonderful.
But most of all I would like to request that you all do the same and go to the website.


I for one can not wait for the next challenge.

Thank you for reading.


Copyright Mr Darwin Blake 2013