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Good Morning!

My friends, I recently became aware of a truly deserving charity and an event that has basically blown my mind!

My lovely friend Mrs Katie Magnet and several others are going to swim with sharks to help aid those who are affected by domestic abuse.

You can find loads of info about this worthy cause on Twitter and FaceBook by searching #TeamShark and Team Shark respectivly.

I can not believe the bravery of these special people and the courage they have is beyond anything I have seen, mainly because I would do a wee in my shorts and run the other way…

It is a truly speical cause for those who have been caught up the victims of domestic abuse.

So please give generously and make sure you say hi to @KatieMagnet on Twitter as she is a wonderful and brave woman who I consider one of the most inspiring people i have ever met.

You can donate and find out more here…



Many thanks.


Mr Darwin Blake