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You know.
I have written about many things.
Showers and Sin and wonderful things.
But have I told you lately, how beautiful you are?
Have I not described the ways.
And why I wrote Oh My Days?
It’s because my lovely girl.
Your beauty makes me sing.
That little wink and sweet smile.
Those giggles I hear all day.
Then at night or afternoon.
Saying that.
Morning too.
Yes you know.
How to show the beautiful person that you are.
The way you see the world around.
And the beatuty that it holds.
Finding happy words to say.
When my day has been without.
Chasing stars and holding tight.
Making all the bad things right.
Showing me true love.
And that beauty does extended.
To all those touched by you.
Please my darling, sweet girl.
I beg you never change.

Copyright Mr Darwin Blake 2013