A Thankyou.

So…good evening my friends.
What a month I’ve had.
Work has been…demanding.
And I have taken on even more responsibility and liability.
Such fun.
But a couple of weeks ago I was asked to write a poem.
Which I did and it was posted today on http://debradml.com/ by the lovely @DebraDML
A wonderful lady indeed.
Now…I only had the opportunity to read a select few poems from the collection.
And this evening I read them all.
A truly diverse and stunning collection of prose.
I am so very impressed with the list I am humbled to be within.
My friend Mr PJ Bayliss has as always outdone himself and well…what can I say about Angel?
Simply wonderful.
But most of all I would like to request that you all do the same and go to the website.


I for one can not wait for the next challenge.

Thank you for reading.


Copyright Mr Darwin Blake 2013

One thought on “A Thankyou.

  1. Dearest Darwin wow 🙂 TY so much for your support hun it means the world to me….also for being apart of the challenge! It has been so much fun and an honour to have yours and the others beautiful words on my blog, each are unique treasures! xoxox Debs

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