Moon and stars.
Darling I could sit for hours.
Holding tightly to your hand.
Knowing that you’re mine.
Never let me go I plea.
Let the stars collided.
Hold me tight for all time.
You’ll always have my heart.
Years go by and sands they shift.
Seconds drain and time slides past.
It’s an eternity for me.
A wondrous way to watch.
Smiling as the seconds tick.
Hands will always move.
Knowing that our love.
Our love will always last.
Friends and family.
Kin and folk.
Will know just how it feels.
When they see our memories.
When our tale is told.
A smile…a shower…a flourished life.
There is more to behold.
I’ll keep our hours safe my love.
In my heart they’ll hold.

Copyright Mr Darwin Blake 2014

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