My soul.
My heart.
My deepest fear.
Is burning through my heart.
It strains against my flesh.
Searing at my life.
Destroying every inch of me.
From deep within to out.
Killing all my memories.
My mind it is without.
Slowly burning up my life.
My spark is going out.
This is how it feels sometimes.
Just how my life is.
Fear and fright.
Desperate pleas.
It really isn’t right.
And so I put my head on straight.
Bowtie slips no more.
Clean and cut.
Dashing smile.
Showman here once more.
Come on life.
Bring your worst.
For I am Darwin Blake!

Copyright Mr Darwin Blake 2014

5 thoughts on “Burning.

  1. Hope your spark starts a flame that takes over our hearts like wildfire – craving the burn again ♥

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