Things in life are often used.
To cause us pain and make us bruised.
Bring us sadness, tears and lows.
Kick us with a shocking blow.
Stab us deep and twist the knife.
Rip us sharply from our life.
But you know.
In this sad life.
There are people just like you.
People who will shield our hearts.
Bring us light from out of dark.
Stop the daggers with a word.
Ease the pressure of the shard.
Blunt them with your kindness.
Turn them to rust with your kisses.
For you.
You are…a precious soul.
Truly unique and stunning.
Shelter those who need your care.
Shroud the helpless with sweet words.
Comfort, care and support.
Those who need it more than most.
To you I raise a glass today.
Raise the hearts and minds.
Toast to all those lost to us.
Keep them in our minds.
My special friend.
Daggers can not harm your heart.
For you are made of love.
And love is all I know.

Copyright Mr Darwin Blake 2013

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