My ache.

The ache I feel.
It burns my soul.
Waiting for your call.
My fingers thrum against my leg.
My mind it drifts.
And heart it begs.
My lips they shake.
My body aches.
Waiting for that call.
My teeth they press.
My lip between.
For whats coming.
Yet unseen.
Waiting for your words.
Check the screen.
Again, once more.
Once again for luck.
Come on please!
I beg of you.
Begging you to call.
And I’ll sit.
Well, maybe not quite.
Close my eyes and dream of you.
Waiting for your call.

Copyright Mr Darwin Blake 2013

16 thoughts on “My ache.

  1. This was so passionate and showed a lot of need and desire. Perfect length and rhythm. One of the better poems I’ve read for a while x

  2. I would never let you wait for my call
    I would never be that cruel
    I would call you all the time
    It would be my number one rule

    I love your words
    I love your writing
    I love your innuendos
    I love you xx

  3. My Ache
    You know what it means to me.
    One man, one woman
    Who harbour secret intensive desires.

    They thank you, as do I

  4. Desirous ache, painfully delicious. I adore that your brush ever so masculine, paints so tenderly. As always Mr Blake, wonderful. x

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