Under A Starlit Sky.

Originally written for Bookish Temptations.

Under a Starlit Sky.

The lovers lie beneath the star lit sky, The fire built by their hands crackles, The glow illuminates their bodies, Waves lazily crash nearby,
A wine bottle drips its last drops in to the beach,
Glasses lie empty, Food untouched, Because their hunger is deeper,
The sand between their toes,
The moon watches with interest, Gentle kisses and soft moans,
Their bodies bathed in moonlight,
Not a soul around, Alone with each other,
They slowly undress each other,
Sinful thoughts enter each mind,
As one, they think the same,
The heat from their love enough to warm them,
She lays back, the blanket warm against her skin,
His hands charge her body as he touches her flesh,
He slides his hand, snake like, down her body until he finds her,
She moans as he places his hand softly against her lips,
The light bounces off of her body as he massages her softly,
Slowly she reaches down and feels his excitement as he throbs against her hand,
Twitching for her,
Pulsing for her body,
They moan in to each other as fingers explore,
Waves of pleasure entwine with gentle kisses,
His tongue enters her mouth, she kisses him back,
Eyes widen as she becomes awash with desire for him,
His fingers glide and swirl, her nails grip against his flesh,
Her eyes say it all,
She wants him,
Needs and desires him,
She loves him,
And he loves her,

A gasp,

A bit lip,

Devotion untold,

Take me my love,

Take me here…

Copyright Mr Darwin Blake 2013

3 thoughts on “Under A Starlit Sky.

  1. Well Mr D I loved this the first time I read it & love it all the more the second, third, forth……….

    You leave me undone x

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