Ravish my muse.
Words in my head.
Paint the walls.
And wreck my bed.
Promise her pleasure.
Delights are ahead.
Give her my love.
My touch and my tongue.
Place myself where my body belongs.
Here and there.
Wherever I dare.
Leave her to cherish.
The feeling below. 
Give her my flesh.
Back arched to a bow.
And take what I need.
Press myself in.
And feel her tight squeeze.
Then feel the release.
Delve as far as my body allows.
Wait for the noise.
That is nothing but loud.
Feel the sensation as nails are dug deep.
Wait for the thump as my heart skips a beat.
Show my devotion.
And smile for all time.
Tonight for her I feel. 

Copyright Mr Darwin Blake 2013

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