Thank you. Re: Boston.

My friends.

I wanted to take a moment to thank each one of you who has donated to the Red Cross and the One Boston donation page.
The sheer volume of love and time given by those at is simply stunning.
The people involved have given so much to help those in need and they may never know exactly how much appreciation and thanks is given in return.

But we can show our appreciation and love by doing one thing.


Please follow the links below if you are unsure of where to give.

Firstly please go to.

And also follow @Argyle_Empire on twitter.

You can then find links to the Red Cross and the One Boston appeal from there.
You may also be interested in the signed books by SR himself.
You can find that link and how to enter here.

Once again. Thank you for all of your support and donations.

Mr Darwin Blake.

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