Your Command.

Everything I have to give.
Is all you’ll ever need, I swear.
My body, soul and mind is yours.
My flesh it waits for your word.
Anticipates and salivates.
To do whatever you desire.
And succumb to your demands.
Tame my soul and too my will.
Lock me deep beneath the ground.
Hide my flesh from sight.
Milk me dry for your needs.
Anything for you, I plead.
Let me kneel and bow down.
Be the jewel within your crown.
Bind me, tease and tempt me so.
Hover inches from my face.
Bring your lips to meet with mine.
That taste alone is so divine.
To please you so is my reward.
Anything to feel that touch.
Break my will, I will beg “more.”
Tie me to the fucking floor.
Lash me tightly to the bed.
Stop before my pleasure spreads.
Make me wait for your word.
Command me just as I deserve.
Your demands are met without.
A word, a question, any doubt.
Anything you ask of me.
Mistress I shall do for thee…

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