For you Mistress.

Thank you mistress.
Slowly and carefully.
Caressing your lips with mine.
Kissing your folds.
Petting your ass hole with gentle kisses. Running my fingers along your flesh. Pursing your lips between them.
Making your clitoris rise.
My mouth lowering slowly against you. Teasing you with my breath.
Turning you in to my plaything.
Poking my tongue out.
Pressing the tip against your flesh.
You know.
That spot between.
The place that drives you wild.
I glide slowly up between your lips. Feeling the rush of excitement in my own burning loins.
Quivering beneath my mouth.
Your beautiful ruby lips wait for more. Desire my all.
My tongue slinks up further.
Almost reaching your clitoris.
And just before it does.
Just before my moist tongue clashes with your button.
I clamp my lips over it and hold you in my mouth.
My tongue swirling round and over your button.
Hood pulled back by my fingers.
My mouth moving over your lips.
Tongue darting between and through. Biting gently.
Sucking at your inner thigh.
Kissing and caressing every inch of your soft pink lips.
My tongue slides all the way between your lips and slips quickly over your ass. Making you clench and judder against my mouth.
Every action having an equal and satisfying reaction.
Every motion and movement making a moment of intense pleasure.
Every time I touch your body it sings. And I ask.
Does this please you mistress?


8 thoughts on “For you Mistress.

  1. Darwin, this poem is so fucking hot! It turns my insides to liquid & makes me burn for more words. Don’t stop……….

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