Soon my sweet.

These three words I said to you.
To keep you sated all night through.
Said to keep you from the peak.
Helped you hold off, just for me.
Felt the clench against myself.
And the panting in my ear.
These words you beg to hear from me.
Are coming, soon my sweet.
To keep myself from the brink.
And hold back from your flesh.
As I take your nipple in my mouth.
And swirl my tongue around.
I bite down so so gently.
It gives me time to cool.
Because my love, you have no clue.
Of how you thrill me so.
The little things you do to me.
Of how you bite my lip.
And clamp so tightly round my flesh.
Then pull me deep between your hips.
A grinding, mesmerising dance.
Our unison of two bodies with one soul.
Once more you whisper in my ear.
To beg me for release.
But again I whisper back.
Not yet but soon my sweet.

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