What about?

I had originally planned to post this as an alternative Valentines post.

I decided against it.


I want to talk about what happens when love goes wrong.
When your heart is broken in 2000 bittersweet pieces every one with thousands and thousands of tiny razor sharp edges.
Each one so sharp it will cut your very entity in two and laugh in your face as your soul spills out on to the floor.
Torn and wasted.
And every single black surface watching and laughing at you as you try to scoop up what’s left of the life and love you once knew. 
As you cut your fingers to ribbons on your own heart!

So what about that?

Well it’s shit.

Am I wrong?

After the pain of something as powerful as that, how does someone come back?
How do they stop the pain and ache and feeling of absolute despair?

One day at a time.

That’s how.

One slow and painful day at a time.
Each day a shard slowly joins back to another. Held in what feels like eternal slow motion.

Your mind and body cries out to your heart!



And…it’s hard.

So painful.

As if it will never go away.

It’s a difficult thing to grasp for someone who hasn’t felt this pain.

Someone who has never felt the heartbreak of the one they love saying…”I just don’t love you any more.”

Like a knife through your heart.

Like I said.

It’s shit.

It’s no way to feel.

Who needs that?

You, me?


Nobody should ever feel that.

So how do we fix this pain?

This slow return…this epic journey of rediscovery.

We smile.

We get on with it.

We let our friends and loved ones see the sparkle in our eyes.

And then.

Only then!

Do we grin in the face of despair and pain and say…”Kiss my Ass!”

And then.

When the sun shines bright, a breeze rolls over us and our favourite song fills the air…then will you understand how it feels to love again.

Then you will be ready to open your heart to another.

To love.

To give.

To live.

Darwin Blake.

The Almost Famous Author.

2 thoughts on “What about?

  1. Oh honey needed this 20 years ago…. (He had hit me though) but as you have said gotten over it all now …day by day have found myself again….but have never found another love yet but am happy! So glad to have found you and your precious words though – You make my heart smile xox

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