The Flesh.

The flesh is mine, I’ll take at will.
Bite down hard, upon that lip.
Feel you clench against my touch.
And scream aloud as I take hold.
Will me on to please your flesh.
Drag my fingers cross the crease.
Dip myself in to your soul.
And bring delight deeply so.
Grind myself along your skin.
Wanting to be within.
Desperate to hear the words.
That cause that grasping.
Of your curves.
Hands and mouth and sceptre hard.
Flesh of mine is what I’ll use.
Fill your night with stars and lust.
Feel you grip me as I thrust.
Now my flesh is tightly held.
In your grasp of nail and mouth.
Back is dug and scarred by love.
Tounges as one and mouths linked so.
Legs so tight around my waist.
Oh my god, the tables turned.
Cannot think as my world turns.
Flash of light behind my eyes.
And that noise I long to hear.
Flesh is sated til next time.
Already love?
Is it time?
Oh flesh of mine…

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