Temping as it may well seem.
Our lives revolve around this dream.
They dance along to the beat.
Of lashes long and wicked tongues.
I can not help myself, you see?
For all these things, they do tempt me.
They drive wild and spur me on.
Good and bad.
Right and wrong.
They keep me guessing all day long.
And at night, shall I go on?
Those eyes they tempt me even more.
When you stand beside the door.
As you lean and rest your head.
On the glossy painted frame.
And as for frames, I have no words.
For yours is simply put, superb.
Shaped as if the God’s had, a Goddess sculpting class.
I see it now, clay does fly as Cupid goes for gold.
But the winner is Venus, she made you so serene.
Perfect skin and shaped with care.
That rear it drives me wild.
That thing you do, yes when you wink.
It sets me off in ways unknown.
I could go on for hours and hours.
Of how you tempt me so.
But I’ll stop and come to show.
How tempting dreams can be…

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