My love.
Do you remember that fine night?
When you said those words to me?
When you made my world complete.
On that April night?
My love.
Do you recall those words you said?
How they rattled in my head.
How they made my heart alight.
On that spring time eve?
My love.
Do you remember what I said?
When I stood in silence.
When you gave your heart to me.
Oh your precious heart.
My love.
Do you remember what came next?
After you said night to me.
As you slowly drove away.
Oh how my words boomed.
My love.
Remember what I wrote for you?
On that scrap of paper.
Remember how the ink was wet?
As I ran to you.
My love.
Remind yourself of how you smiled.
As my hand pressed to the glass.
As you read my simple words.
When I stopped your car.
My love.
Reminisce of when I sat.
Closed the door and said the words.
Actually said them out loud.
That I loved you back.
My love.
Dream with me of that night.
How our lives changed.
How we grew.
Since that special day.
My love.
These words are yours eternally.
Ask me any time, you’ll see.
Ask me to recite those words.
Darling I Love You.

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