When I awoke, and cleared my throat.
Stretched out long and yawned.
I squeezed my eyes so tightly shut.
That colours danced before them.
I know last night for you had been.
A fantasy, a fun filled dream.
Alone you went, in to the night.
To drink and dance and taste delights.
And as you did my mind did race.
Of decadence and your bit lip.
Replies to mine were short and cold.
I’m having fun! To me you told.
And that’s ok, to myself I lie.
It’s fine for you to have some fun.
I get it, let your hair down love.
But in my mind I see our kiss.
It’s not me against your lips.
Some lucky man from the night.
Is tasting you lips tonight.
I know it’s only in my mind.
I’m crazy, yes!
But love is blind.
It burns me deep within my heart.
My love so hot it never stops.
A passion fueled sweet romance.
And now I see you’ve sent a call.
I pick up…my heart skips a beat.
I say “Hello.” 

2 thoughts on “Awoke…

  1. This makes me smile, when I go out without my beloved he wans to know what I’m doing, who I’m with, what I’m drinking etc…… This reminds me of that, but he never has to fear because I always come home to him. Only gets to lay his hands upon me, only he get to hear my pleasure…….

    My beloved is mine & I am his.

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