One day…

One fine day in years to come.
I’ll be the man you want.
I’ll be the father to your child.
Let the madness drive me wild.
Sleepless days and restless nights.
Something like that,Β  I’m right?
Take that tiny hand in mine.
Walk along so tall and proud.
Smile that smile that only can,
A parent of a child so grand.
That ray of light.
Glint in my eye.
Would my love, you’d like to try?
Bring upon this crazy world a little me or little you?
Make us cry and smile always.
Happiness comes everyday.
Laughter, cheer and such joy.
I’d really lover to have a boy.
Little bowtie on his neck.
Wicked smile he’s yet to check.
Mater it one day he will.
Till then I’ll wear it still.
Til that time, I cannot wait!
I think it really could be great.
It really could be rather mad.
That one day.
Someone’s going to call me Dad.

7 thoughts on “One day…

  1. Oh wow this is so sweet, I truly love it. Being a parent is wonderful & terrible at the same time. I’m sure you’ll make a fantastic father. Mwah xxx

  2. I think I’ll share this with my hubby for (USA) Father’s Day in a couple weeks… πŸ™‚ Simply adorable and sweet.

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