A bag full of sin.

What lies within?

Who knows?

Dark delights.

Candle light.

Texture, taste and tassels?

Tales of darkness fill my mind.

Musky scent and moans of pleasure.

Tongue it slowly flicks across your silken lips.

A smile, a sound, a soft caress.

My body and patience you so test.

That sweet look and one of pain.

Oh my darling, I refrain.

Clenched so tight against my flesh.

Those kegel’s really work you know.

Gripping, biting, pinching too.

My body yours, and yours mine too.

I taste the pleasure, beg for pain.

Want your body, mind and more!

Want you lying on the floor.

Taste you walking up the stairs.

Pull you in and grab your hair.

Spear your heart with words so pure.

Dance upon the bathroom wall.

Feel the coolness of the tiles.

As your chest is pressed against.

As my sinful wicked tongue.

Does that thing that’s deemed so wrong.

As you gasp and grip yourself.

As my actions overwhelm.

Dancing lights behind your lids.

Tightly shut and from light hid.

Feeling, screaming, swearing at.

My delightfully decadent delicious act.

Fingers slip and tongue does slide.

Cunning linguist and bow-tied.

Nothing more and nothing less.

The light that shines against your dark.

The sunshine to your moon.

To bring you joy, such happiness.

To leave you wanton, begging please!

Let me drift on to my knees.

Let me take you, really please.

Pleasure you, return the sin.

Hear you scream and shake within.

Feel my flesh and taste the dew.

Sinful, wicked, wanton you.

4 thoughts on “Sin.

  1. Darwin, I cannot stop reading this. I’ll get to a part and then my eyes glaze over and my face will get hot. You take me to Never Never Land, my friend. This is both beautiful and dangerous.

  2. Just like FB I really wish your blog had a ” LIKE” button because sometimes I am left speechless by your words …. ( wishing SIRI could read n respond for me lol)

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