So…as some of you may know, my job has changed slightly at work.
I’m more involved and mostly office based for the moment.
Much paperwork perused and computer screen watched.
Hence the headaches and lack of tweeting.
Boo I hear you all say.
Boo indeed.
The situation is temporary but temporary is a funny word.
It basically means almost permanent.
But I will strive to say hi and post my words.
Forgive my absence in DM or email too. I may simply be too caught up at work or too tired in the evenings to reply.
And headaches don’t help.
But I’m working on those.

I hope you all liked my poem today.

I know I enjoyed writing it.

Until the next time my friends.

Darwin Blake.

The Almost Famous Author.

One thought on “Work…

  1. Makes each poem so much more valuable…I will not take one for granted. So sorry to hear about your headaches. Take care… XX

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