One more minute…

Just a bit, some more time.
To be with you, be by your side.
Hold your hand and hear you talk.
To see that smile, those sweetest lips.
Those eyes like endless oceans.
Words that fill my heart with joy.
A touch just right, I feel you there.
I close my eyes and still you’re here.
But time is cruel you have to go.
Your lips they touch my own and press.
A kiss to end all others.
I take your hand, beg for more time.
My plead goes not unheard.
You hold me tight, my heart it pounds.
It’s beat is one with yours.
And as you leave, you turn to me.
Whispering goodbye.
“Until the dawn” you softly say.
Those words used as my own.
And over time our stolen time.
Has made our true love grow.

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