God! I want to f*** you hard! Make you scream my name!
Use my fingers, tongue and more!
Please you.
Pound you.
Give it all!
Raise the roof all night long.
Feel you clench around my shaft.
Grip me tightly I do ask.
Push myself right in.
Clenching my teeth.
Grinding my hips.
Watching as you bite your lip.
Feeling nails dig in my back.
Teeth in neck.
Legs wrapped round.
F***ing you in to the ground.
Oh so wet between your legs.
Sliding glory and pumping hard.
Fingers pinching nipples tight.
Pleasure coursing.
True delight.
Every thrust harder still.
Sweat it beads upon my head.
Sheen upon my back.
Messy sheets on this bed.
Every surface used by us.
Walls and floor.
Counter top.
Want to f*** you on the stairs.
In the wardrobe.
Yes in there!
Want to f*** you everywhere!
Let me have you, want you now.
Just like that, Mmmmmmm you know how.
Take it slowly, yes that’s right.
Darling we have got all night.
I want your mouth.
Yes in there too.
Let me show you what to do. 
On the sofa, shower too.
To please you, I know what to do.
Bring the stars, the light, the sound.
Slide across you with my tongue.
Fuck me til my C*** falls off.
Suck my shaft and bite my b***s.
F*** me right through the wall.
Arch your back, do that thing!
Make my body sing!
Make me come and watch it spill.
F***ing you is such a thrill!

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