Lady J.

You move as if you were drawn bad. My body tingles.
I go mad.
Your auburn hair.
Your curves so sweet.
That voice like silk.
Eyes like pools.
Oh so deep.
You bat your lashes.
Pout your lips.
Oh to kiss them.
A dream come true.
A celluloid queen.
Standing tall upon the screen.
So many love you.
I’m not surprised.
I’d spend a life time.
In your arms.
So sweet.
So sexy.
So demure.
Such beauty to behold.
A flame haired siren.
Full of life.
Glittering like gold.
My heart it pounds.
My lip does tremble.
A life so good.
With you, I’m sure.
But only in my dreams you come.
A frightened rabbit.
In headlights.
Is what I am.
When you’re around.
Burlesque thoughts they fill my head.
My heart it longs for your sweet sound.
My feet they hardly touch the ground.
But back to earth I quickly come.
Until my dreams.
Until the dawn.

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