Standing there with darkness.
Holding all our lives.
The reaper grins with malice.
Waiting for the time.
With silent death.
He comes when called.
The hour glass sand diminished.
And swish it goes.
That scythe so sharp.
They say he never misses.
But does he have a gentle side?
Loves kittens I do hear.
In his black world of nothingness.
I wouldn’t be surprised.
His shadow long.
His ancient robes.
His fingers bone and skull behold.
A figure tall.
A grin so wide.
I’d hate to look.
Deep inside.
He has seen tragedy.
Death and murder.
From King to kin.
Friend or foe.
He’s impartial.
When he comes.
You will surely go.
To where though.
I don’t know.
A dark domain.
A happy place.
When I’m there.
I’ll let you know.
But til my time.
I will avoid.
That scary.
Reaper Man.

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