My Sweetest thrill…

My love, you are so wonderful.
To me, no one comparable.
The things you do and say to me.
They drive me wild.
Through and through.
Take last night.
You smiled so sweet.
Took my hand.
Kissed me softly.
Guided me.
Gripped me.
Whispered to me.
Such sweet words.
In your arms.
We moved as one.
My body yours.
Beneath cool white sheets.
My heart it pounds.
My chest wall aches.
Your finger nails.
Find their place.
We grip and dip.
You say the words.
By my ears, only heard.
And then we fall.
Bodies locked tight.
Lips are locked.
And in your arms.
I stay so still.
Until the dawn.
My sweetest thrill…

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