The Moment.

The Moment.
The single most emotive moment in most people’s lives. That single moment when light dances before your eyes, skin feels electricity crackle between two bodies.

Sometimes one.

That moment that could last seconds but ebbs out for what feels like forever when you close your eyes and hold back….just….for…..a………….second.

You release and the world explodes before you in colour and light and noise inside like no other. Like a wave crashing over you.

Like your body is uncontrollable just for that moment.

Muscles clench, a fire burns inside, molten desire spills from you and the cascade of feeling, senses and pleasure wash and dance over you.

And when it fades as it ultimately does your body, your entire being knows that the sweat, the panting, the soft caress, the build up, the grip of the sheets was all worth it!

That moment.

Shared or otherwise is a gift.

Cherish that moment.

The Almost Famous and Slightly Erotic Author.

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