Finally Frantic Friday.

So, Good morning, lovers, muses, friends.
I was woken abruptly this morning.
So I have a little time to myself before the world around me explodes.
Yesterday saw the second part of three poems in reply to my own.
I can’t wait for part three.
And as I sit here. Patently waiting for my espresso to filter through I am contemplating the weekend.
I’m sure I will have a lot on my hands. Oh yes.
All those little jobs from the week.
Shopping. Uggh.
How does one live on basic rations?
But no matter.
I shall shine through.
Next week brings bright things.
For me.
For others.
Some time in the week I will be posting a new page.
Currently adorned with a few simple words.
But don’t touch.
It’s only the beginning.

The Almost Famous Author.

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