A day of fun.
A day of wonder.
A day of excitement.
Waving arms.
Smiling faces.
Friends meet.
Warm embraces.
Glasses clink.
Laughter bubbles.
Make my next one…
A double double.
Eyes they glaze.
Those youthful fools.
They sing and dance.
Upon bar stools.
I sip my wine.
Enjoy the warmth.
And watch the day.
Slip in to night.
A day where anything can happen.
A day of endless possibility.
A day to remember.

3 thoughts on “Saturday.

  1. Same happened to me but it was friday, the cake was a succes, it arrived in one piece and the birthday girl was crying happy tears. We had, as you know, too much wine and other drinks on the rocks but it was soo much fun, hope you have a great weekend too!

  2. You have definitely captured the essence of MY Saturday in your poem. The only thing you’ve missed is the trip to the dreaded supermarket 😉

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