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Well my friends, I promised some time ago ( “2014 Darwin”! shouted someone from the back ) that it had been too long and I should write more.


The sad fact is that I have had less time than the life expectancy of a house fly to do anything between my work…shudder…and my home life.

Although it has to be said what I have lacked in print I have made up for with time well spent.

Saying that what you read below was written a few weeks ago. It is only today that I can post it. Mainly because of what happened and i also managed to speak with some friends who allowed me to talk about what was on my mind. 

To be fair they didn’t get a choice. 

But thank you both and a merry Christmas to all. 

So…something happened today that has compelled me to write this short post.

I lost a good friend under difficult circumstances, they didn’t leave this world but they have been lost from my day to day life.

This is the kind of friend who begins as not an enemy but simply someone you clash with over certain issues and topics, we used to bicker and moan about each other to our co-workers and management on a weekly if not daily basis, at one point i was being investigated for professional discrepancies because of an incident with this person.

but…over the months and years that passed from that time we built a strong relationship based on trust and the need to serve our country in the only way we knew.

working with them became a joy, every time we were put together it felt right, even in the worst situations we made the best of it because of our friendship.

We could go to each other with problems, most situations resolved with a joke and “man up”…except in the worst cases, where the fairer sex are involved and then it was dealt in a compassionate and confidential way.

So anyway…My friend will always be in my head and heart.

We will remember them fondly and talk about their moments and share stories of their triumphs.

I will miss you my friend, you’ll always be close but not close enough.

That said, i wrote what you see above yesterday…

Well it didn’t take him long to come back for a chat, he met with people who would support him to the bitter end, i include myself obviously!

And then as he left for what will be the final time (hopefully not!), he thrust a small box in to my hand before hugging me, i looked down in to the palm of my hand to find a small box wrapped in Christmas paper…i must say it was clearly wrapped by him because he used more tape than a catwalk model does to strap in her…ahem…

Anyway…he told me to keep it safe as it will come in handy, i laughed and told him that i had nothing to give him in return.

“Your support” he said, that was my gift to him.

I held back the tears as all of us rugged types do and with that like Kaiser Soze *poof* he was gone.

When he had driven away as my friends and i waved with happy memories i clutched the small box in my hand.

One of my friends said “Where am i going to get my dits (Stories) from now?”

I responded quickly “Like we won’t hear about his escapades” with a wry look.

So to the future.

For my friend it’s a dark place, clouds loom ahead but in the distance…look…the horizon is bright with possibilities.

He has a “very particular set of skills” to quote Liam Neeson.

A master tradesman with very strong hands, or so i am told.

As for me i will soldier on regardless, we will find a new friend, not to replace him but to remind us how great he is, saying that the new guy better be good…

But finally, the small box, i cant say exactly what was inside but when i unwrapped the well taped paper (pain in the backside) and removed the outer box, a golden object shone in the dim winter light, I smiled to myself and declared i would use it and cherish the gift until long after the shine has gone.

I can’t promise poems and prose but know that my heart sings love and words fill my mind with wonder and light…whatever that means.

Until the dawn my friends.


Mr Darwin Blake.

The Almost Famous Author.

© Mr Darwin Blake 2016