Monthly Archives: September 2014

It’s been too long…


I wanted to write a witty poem or something.

Mainly because I sit here now, the night wrapped around me like a shroud of darkness, only the street lights peeking in through my blinds and cars rushing past streets away…and I can’t.

I have no witty words or charming prose today.

You see…its someone very specials birthday today and that someone writes beautiful poetry and the most delicious words that this humble wordsmith has had the pleasure of reading…and buying.

And reading again…and again.

I may need a lie down at this point.

…Many minutes later…


I really couldn’t do it.

He said as a smile so wicked and wide rushed across his face and his eyes burned with a smouldering desire.
He may have rubbed his slightly stubbly chin in glee…or something.
Just for effect.
Then said “Muhahahaha”.

All I can feel is the roar.
I close my eyes and the darkness gives way to a fire so bright that the stars themselves dwindle and burn out in embarrassment. 
My words fall through my fingers like they are water and all I am left with is desire.
Though my friends.
There is nothing wrong with desire.
There’s nothing wrong with that at all…
I can taste it.
Want it.
I see the hunger.
The burn.
The need.
I see it all.
I see shimmering light and and shadows.
I can hear the sounds of pleasure.
The gasps of surprises and shocks.
The light.
The dark.
The moment.
The shower.
The white smooth walls.
Cold at first.
Water bouncing off every surface.
Flesh or otherwise.
Figures dancing as one.
Water running.
Raining down.
Cascading, falling…to the ground.
I see the pleasure.
Feel the burn.
Taste the raindrops of your love.
Do the things your body needs.
Slide behind and underneath.
One my knees and looking up.
Taste your flesh and feel that rush.
Pressing flesh and gripping hard.
Control is lost within my arms.
The fight is hard, the night is long.
Time holds its breath as we both do.
The moment passes.
Fresh time flows through.
Fingers pressed on mirrored glass.
Basin clutched and taps grasped.
Stop. You beg.
Like fuck I will.
You know this gives me such a thrill.
This feeling grows inside my soul.
Bringing with it so much more.
Sending shuddering desires.
Electric shocks of pure delight.
Gasping as your body rocks.
Gripping tightly.
Holding now.
Finger tips and soft caress.
Pull me near and leave your mark.
Steal from me one last kiss. 
Bite my lip and don’t let go.
For here no one will ever know.
Lift you up in my arms and take you once again.

Copyright Mr Darwin Blake 2014