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Drifting in to paradise.

My mind wanders with sweet delight.
My dreams filled of only you.
My fingers dip beneath the elastic of my shorts.
I feel myself rise.
I think of you.
Stood before me.
Telling me how and when to touch. Commanding me to release the pressure.
Smiling wickedly and telling me to grip harder.
My breathing shallows.
A deep urge builds.
Not quite yet you say to me.
To help prolong the thrill.
Hot to touch now.
Can’t hold back.
Yes you say.
The time had come
I release.
And then some!
A shudder washes over me.
And knowing that you’re there.
Clench for me.
I slowly let it out.
A moan so deep, it hurts my throat.
And sated is my need.
My hunger is no longer.
My need is quenched again.
My eyes closed tight.
My breathing slows.
I know not what my body does as I drift in to paradise.

Copyright Mr Darwin Blake 2013

Protect your breasts!


Actually no.

Good morning friends.
Its been a while since I’ve done one of these so please be gentle.
Well…only a little.


I can’t help it.

So…being the busy boy that I am I have found it increasing difficult to access my account on a daily basis.
By which I mean Twitter.
So when I checked my time line last night I found two tweets in my connection tab regarding to breasts.
And then I was scanning the time line and found something I have not seen in a long time…Mrs Magnets…almost exposed beautiful breasts.
So I knew this was important to read and pass on!
The girls don’t come out for nothing you know!

So I went back to the link and waited for the tiny blue bar to load…

I found this.

It is something close to my heart.
Friends and family both online and in real life have been exposed in one way or another to breast cancer.
It is something that will touch all our lives.

It causes so much pain and sadness.
Slowly the world’s scientists are coming to treat this terrible and traumatic cancer more effectively.
I have a beautiful friend who has been victim of this and her life changed forever.
And more recently…well…she knows who she is ♥

So my lady friends.

Take heed!

Check yourself please.

Read Lisa’s blog post.

Search for #protectyourbreasts on twitter and join in!

Anyone involved is doing a great job at raising awareness and I say thank you to you all.

Check yourself.

Ask a friend to check for you!

Or your partner.

Do anything!

But please don’t go unchecked.

I will be back for the boys in Movember…on that note…a coworker asked if Movember was in honour of Mo Farrahs achievements.

I sighed.

We had the chat.

Ladies please.
Read Lisa’s post.
And check yourself.

The Almost Famous Author.

Mr Darwin Blake.

Copyright Mr Darwin Blake 2013


Things in life are often used.
To cause us pain and make us bruised.
Bring us sadness, tears and lows.
Kick us with a shocking blow.
Stab us deep and twist the knife.
Rip us sharply from our life.
But you know.
In this sad life.
There are people just like you.
People who will shield our hearts.
Bring us light from out of dark.
Stop the daggers with a word.
Ease the pressure of the shard.
Blunt them with your kindness.
Turn them to rust with your kisses.
For you.
You are…a precious soul.
Truly unique and stunning.
Shelter those who need your care.
Shroud the helpless with sweet words.
Comfort, care and support.
Those who need it more than most.
To you I raise a glass today.
Raise the hearts and minds.
Toast to all those lost to us.
Keep them in our minds.
My special friend.
Daggers can not harm your heart.
For you are made of love.
And love is all I know.

Copyright Mr Darwin Blake 2013


Moon and stars.
Darling I could sit for hours.
Holding tightly to your hand.
Knowing that you’re mine.
Never let me go I plea.
Let the stars collided.
Hold me tight for all time.
You’ll always have my heart.
Years go by and sands they shift.
Seconds drain and time slides past.
It’s an eternity for me.
A wondrous way to watch.
Smiling as the seconds tick.
Hands will always move.
Knowing that our love.
Our love will always last.
Friends and family.
Kin and folk.
Will know just how it feels.
When they see our memories.
When our tale is told.
A smile…a shower…a flourished life.
There is more to behold.
I’ll keep our hours safe my love.
In my heart they’ll hold.

Copyright Mr Darwin Blake 2014


They saw each other every day.
If only from a far.
Every day just one step.
They took closer still.
And one day.
The tide was far and the land took place of the sea.
They walked toward each others heart.
And loneliness was no more.
They touched and smiled.
Their fingers linked.
A brief “Hello.” Was all it took.
As he took her in his arms.
And for that moment.
And ever more.
They held each other tightly so.
Then their world was complete.
The tide that fled.
It soon came back.
And without a care they embraced.
And slowly as the waters met.
He kissed her.

…kissed by the lapping of the waves.

Copyright Mr Darwin Blake 2013