Monthly Archives: July 2013

My ache.

The ache I feel.
It burns my soul.
Waiting for your call.
My fingers thrum against my leg.
My mind it drifts.
And heart it begs.
My lips they shake.
My body aches.
Waiting for that call.
My teeth they press.
My lip between.
For whats coming.
Yet unseen.
Waiting for your words.
Check the screen.
Again, once more.
Once again for luck.
Come on please!
I beg of you.
Begging you to call.
And I’ll sit.
Well, maybe not quite.
Close my eyes and dream of you.
Waiting for your call.

Copyright Mr Darwin Blake 2013

One more.

One more touch.
A sweet caress.
I run my fingers.
Across your chest.
Swirling every finger tip.
Watching as…
You bite your lip.
Smiling as…
You moan delight.
Your body lit by candlelight.
Waiting for that perfect time.
Time to make your body mine.
Seconds pass and minutes fly.
As I slowly bide my time.
Beneath my touch your body shines.
Dont touch yet.
Not your turn.
Patience is a virtue love.
Something that you’ll soon learn.
Now my fingers dance so slow.
Wandering to what’s below.
Feel me there.
And the warmth grows.
As my fingers dip.
That warmth you feel.
It spreads across.
Every inch of flesh.
The pleasure is all yours.
The pleasing is all mine.
Shall I keep you at the peak?
Slow and gentle pace.
Or my sweet surrender.
Should my fingers race?
Do you want it now my love?
Or will you last all night?
It’s up to you my Angel.
Tell me what feels right.

Mr Darwin Blake © 2013


Do you want me?
Tell me how.
Show me.
Please me.
Can you see the rise in me?
Ready as I am.
Release me please and find your way.
Guide me to your heart.
Want me for all time.
Wait for my command.
Taste the want within your soul.
Tempt me with that inner roar.
Feel the warmth.
And let it burn.
For nothing can control.
Let the wave of fire.
Spread the lust inside.
Do I need to tease you?
Should I show you how?
Wound and clenched.
A coiled spring.
Tell me what you want.
Show me how it feels.
To have me deep within.
Bite upon my shoulder.
Feel the shudder flow.
Roll your eyes and arch your back.
Show me what your heart desires.
Make me understand.
Guide my hand and tell me when.
Love the things I do.
Beg and scream.
And curse out loud!
And I will show you so much more.
Let me bind your hands and heart.
Let me bring you such delight.
Listen to that gentle thrum.
And feel the burning of my love.
Test you slowly.
Yes I will.
But that test will always thrill.
Let me show you stars and night.
Bring you sweet and pure delight.
Fill your mind with wonder.
And bind your heart to me.

Copyright Mr Darwin Blake 2013


Good Morning!

My friends, I recently became aware of a truly deserving charity and an event that has basically blown my mind!

My lovely friend Mrs Katie Magnet and several others are going to swim with sharks to help aid those who are affected by domestic abuse.

You can find loads of info about this worthy cause on Twitter and FaceBook by searching #TeamShark and Team Shark respectivly.

I can not believe the bravery of these special people and the courage they have is beyond anything I have seen, mainly because I would do a wee in my shorts and run the other way…

It is a truly speical cause for those who have been caught up the victims of domestic abuse.

So please give generously and make sure you say hi to @KatieMagnet on Twitter as she is a wonderful and brave woman who I consider one of the most inspiring people i have ever met.

You can donate and find out more here…


Many thanks.


Mr Darwin Blake



You know.
I have written about many things.
Showers and Sin and wonderful things.
But have I told you lately, how beautiful you are?
Have I not described the ways.
And why I wrote Oh My Days?
It’s because my lovely girl.
Your beauty makes me sing.
That little wink and sweet smile.
Those giggles I hear all day.
Then at night or afternoon.
Saying that.
Morning too.
Yes you know.
How to show the beautiful person that you are.
The way you see the world around.
And the beatuty that it holds.
Finding happy words to say.
When my day has been without.
Chasing stars and holding tight.
Making all the bad things right.
Showing me true love.
And that beauty does extended.
To all those touched by you.
Please my darling, sweet girl.
I beg you never change.

Copyright Mr Darwin Blake 2013