Monthly Archives: June 2013

My Secret.

Did I ever tell you friend.
That you’re my secret smile?
The one I wear on each new day.
That loving little grin.
Oh my sweet and gorgeous friend.
How you make me smile.
Free and pure am I with you.
Smiles they are abound.
Keep me grounded and in check.
Feet firmly on the ground.
Every day I see you there.
Not close enough to hold.
No matter how the road does look.
My hand you always hold.
Deep within my heart I’ll keep.
Every word you say.
Friends like you they are so few.
But oh so far away.
My life enriched with your heart.
A loving ray of light.
And until my dying day.
When I am grey and old.
My heart is your to hold.

Copyright Mr Darwin Blake 2013

Temptation Bites.


A Siren. A Past Enemy. A Decision between Lust & Love.

Life is as hectic as it gets when it comes to Kristina Florez. Being a flirtatious Siren and university student is a busy schedule to keep up with. Not to mention that grief and death stalks her at every corner. Things are finally looking up after the one year anniversary of her adoptive parents’ gruesome death. That is until she meets mysterious and beautiful Mississippi boy Chase Talbot. He quickly turns her world upside down with a spiral of hot encounters and frightening experiences. Little does she know he’s hiding a deadly secret just as dark as her own . . . Perhaps even more fearsome.


Threats from a face from the past that constantly haunts her begin to surface, sending Kristina into overdrive with the need to protect her family, friends and most of all, Stefan Mystique. The man she has treasured since they met twelve years ago. The night her real parents died. The one Siren she always could depend upon for unconditional adoration and security. Until now.


Tension is running high but her daily life as the famous orphan must go on. Everything will be tested. Even if she turns in her reckless lifestyle for the greater good, that badass personality and strength is what she’ll need when she’s driven to the point of no return. She is left with one question to answer: Lust or Love?

Tammy-Louise Wilkins
Author of My Intimate Poetry and Upcoming YA Mature/NA Novel Temptation Bites.