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Soon my sweet.

These three words I said to you.
To keep you sated all night through.
Said to keep you from the peak.
Helped you hold off, just for me.
Felt the clench against myself.
And the panting in my ear.
These words you beg to hear from me.
Are coming, soon my sweet.
To keep myself from the brink.
And hold back from your flesh.
As I take your nipple in my mouth.
And swirl my tongue around.
I bite down so so gently.
It gives me time to cool.
Because my love, you have no clue.
Of how you thrill me so.
The little things you do to me.
Of how you bite my lip.
And clamp so tightly round my flesh.
Then pull me deep between your hips.
A grinding, mesmerising dance.
Our unison of two bodies with one soul.
Once more you whisper in my ear.
To beg me for release.
But again I whisper back.
Not yet but soon my sweet.


Ravish my muse.
Words in my head.
Paint the walls.
And wreck my bed.
Promise her pleasure.
Delights are ahead.
Give her my love.
My touch and my tongue.
Place myself where my body belongs.
Here and there.
Wherever I dare.
Leave her to cherish.
The feeling below. 
Give her my flesh.
Back arched to a bow.
And take what I need.
Press myself in.
And feel her tight squeeze.
Then feel the release.
Delve as far as my body allows.
Wait for the noise.
That is nothing but loud.
Feel the sensation as nails are dug deep.
Wait for the thump as my heart skips a beat.
Show my devotion.
And smile for all time.
Tonight for her I feel. 

Copyright Mr Darwin Blake 2013

Thank you. Re: Boston.

My friends.

I wanted to take a moment to thank each one of you who has donated to the Red Cross and the One Boston donation page.
The sheer volume of love and time given by those at is simply stunning.
The people involved have given so much to help those in need and they may never know exactly how much appreciation and thanks is given in return.

But we can show our appreciation and love by doing one thing.


Please follow the links below if you are unsure of where to give.

Firstly please go to.

And also follow @Argyle_Empire on twitter.

You can then find links to the Red Cross and the One Boston appeal from there.
You may also be interested in the signed books by SR himself.
You can find that link and how to enter here.

Once again. Thank you for all of your support and donations.

Mr Darwin Blake.


Friends, i am deeply saddened and without a doubt disgusted by the horrific act carried out at the Boston Marathon.

I watched in horror as i am sure many of you also did as the events unfolded on the news.

Many friends have contacted me to discuss this terrible incident.

This act is nothing but cowardice and those behind it should be ashamed of themselves.


Which brings me on the the next passage.

This was sent to me as part of an email.

Thank You for reading.


Hello Everyone,
In response to the tragedy in Boston, Argyle Empire is hosting a fundraiser to aid charities that will be helping in the recovery effort.
Given that part of the Gabriel series is set in Boston, we felt it was an appropriate and essential thing to do.If you donate a minimum of $5.00 to either the American Red Cross, your local chapter of the Red Cross or to The One Fund Boston, simply email a copy of your receipt to me Then enter the giveaway posted at the top of our homepage

SR has graciously agreed to sign UK edition copies of both “Gabriel’s Inferno” and “Gabriel’s Rapture” for the winner.
The fundraiser will run between now and April 30. The winner will be selected on May 1 and notified by May 3.

We began the fundraiser yesterday and I’m happy to announce that our first day generated over $300.00. Our sincere thanks go to our fellow moderators at all the SRFans accounts worldwide, THESUBCLUBbooks, Bookish Temptations, Kat Bastion and Darwin Blake for their assistance in promoting this endeavor. We’re off to a great start and we’d love to see this effort grow by leaps and bounds over the next two weeks.

If you could help us promote this, that would be great.

If you would like to donate and enter the giveaway, please feel free to do so.
After all, this is really about helping a worthwhile charity and finding a way to deliver some kindness to a community that is hurting.
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask by email or in the comments section below.Many thanks in advance.

Take Care,
Jenn, Iris, Sere & Coco



Thank you for reading.

Please Retweet and share with everybody.

This terrible act made me instantly think of one thing.




Brave, a word used too much.

Brave is someone battling illness.

Brave is someone going against the grain.

Someone who gives all but expects nothing.

Brave is the person who goes out of their way to help others.

Brave is someone who is charitable.

Brave is that person who stands up against oppression.

Against those who would dominate.

Brave is you.

Brave is me.

But only if you want to be.



Please be brave today, give some money, give some time.

Thank you again.

Mr Darwin Blake.



Your Command.

Everything I have to give.
Is all you’ll ever need, I swear.
My body, soul and mind is yours.
My flesh it waits for your word.
Anticipates and salivates.
To do whatever you desire.
And succumb to your demands.
Tame my soul and too my will.
Lock me deep beneath the ground.
Hide my flesh from sight.
Milk me dry for your needs.
Anything for you, I plead.
Let me kneel and bow down.
Be the jewel within your crown.
Bind me, tease and tempt me so.
Hover inches from my face.
Bring your lips to meet with mine.
That taste alone is so divine.
To please you so is my reward.
Anything to feel that touch.
Break my will, I will beg “more.”
Tie me to the fucking floor.
Lash me tightly to the bed.
Stop before my pleasure spreads.
Make me wait for your word.
Command me just as I deserve.
Your demands are met without.
A word, a question, any doubt.
Anything you ask of me.
Mistress I shall do for thee…

For you Mistress.

Thank you mistress.
Slowly and carefully.
Caressing your lips with mine.
Kissing your folds.
Petting your ass hole with gentle kisses. Running my fingers along your flesh. Pursing your lips between them.
Making your clitoris rise.
My mouth lowering slowly against you. Teasing you with my breath.
Turning you in to my plaything.
Poking my tongue out.
Pressing the tip against your flesh.
You know.
That spot between.
The place that drives you wild.
I glide slowly up between your lips. Feeling the rush of excitement in my own burning loins.
Quivering beneath my mouth.
Your beautiful ruby lips wait for more. Desire my all.
My tongue slinks up further.
Almost reaching your clitoris.
And just before it does.
Just before my moist tongue clashes with your button.
I clamp my lips over it and hold you in my mouth.
My tongue swirling round and over your button.
Hood pulled back by my fingers.
My mouth moving over your lips.
Tongue darting between and through. Biting gently.
Sucking at your inner thigh.
Kissing and caressing every inch of your soft pink lips.
My tongue slides all the way between your lips and slips quickly over your ass. Making you clench and judder against my mouth.
Every action having an equal and satisfying reaction.
Every motion and movement making a moment of intense pleasure.
Every time I touch your body it sings. And I ask.
Does this please you mistress?