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Do you want me?
Tell me how.
Show me.
Please me.
Can you see the rise in me?
Ready as I am.
Release me please and find your way.
Guide me to your heart.
Want me for all time.
Wait for my command.
Taste the want within your soul.
Tempt me with that inner roar.
Feel the warmth.
And let it burn.
For nothing can control.
Let the wave of fire.
Spread the lust inside.
Do I need to tease you?
Should I show you how?
Wound and clenched.
A coiled spring.
Tell me what you want.
Show me how it feels.
To have me deep within.
Bite upon my shoulder.
Feel the shudder flow.
Roll your eyes and arch your back.
Show me what your heart desires.
Make me understand.
Guide my hand and tell me when.
Love the things I do.
Beg and scream.
And curse out loud!
And I will show you so much more.
Let me bind your hands and heart.
Let me bring you such delight.
Listen to that gentle thrum.
And feel the burning of my love.
Test you slowly.
Yes I will.
But that test will always thrill.
Let me show you stars and night.
Bring you sweet and pure delight.
Fill your mind with wonder.
And bind your heart to me.

Copyright Mr Darwin Blake 2013


You know.
I have written about many things.
Showers and Sin and wonderful things.
But have I told you lately, how beautiful you are?
Have I not described the ways.
And why I wrote Oh My Days?
It’s because my lovely girl.
Your beauty makes me sing.
That little wink and sweet smile.
Those giggles I hear all day.
Then at night or afternoon.
Saying that.
Morning too.
Yes you know.
How to show the beautiful person that you are.
The way you see the world around.
And the beatuty that it holds.
Finding happy words to say.
When my day has been without.
Chasing stars and holding tight.
Making all the bad things right.
Showing me true love.
And that beauty does extended.
To all those touched by you.
Please my darling, sweet girl.
I beg you never change.

Copyright Mr Darwin Blake 2013

My Secret.

Did I ever tell you friend.
That you’re my secret smile?
The one I wear on each new day.
That loving little grin.
Oh my sweet and gorgeous friend.
How you make me smile.
Free and pure am I with you.
Smiles they are abound.
Keep me grounded and in check.
Feet firmly on the ground.
Every day I see you there.
Not close enough to hold.
No matter how the road does look.
My hand you always hold.
Deep within my heart I’ll keep.
Every word you say.
Friends like you they are so few.
But oh so far away.
My life enriched with your heart.
A loving ray of light.
And until my dying day.
When I am grey and old.
My heart is your to hold.

Copyright Mr Darwin Blake 2013

Under A Starlit Sky.

Originally written for Bookish Temptations.

Under a Starlit Sky.

The lovers lie beneath the star lit sky, The fire built by their hands crackles, The glow illuminates their bodies, Waves lazily crash nearby,
A wine bottle drips its last drops in to the beach,
Glasses lie empty, Food untouched, Because their hunger is deeper,
The sand between their toes,
The moon watches with interest, Gentle kisses and soft moans,
Their bodies bathed in moonlight,
Not a soul around, Alone with each other,
They slowly undress each other,
Sinful thoughts enter each mind,
As one, they think the same,
The heat from their love enough to warm them,
She lays back, the blanket warm against her skin,
His hands charge her body as he touches her flesh,
He slides his hand, snake like, down her body until he finds her,
She moans as he places his hand softly against her lips,
The light bounces off of her body as he massages her softly,
Slowly she reaches down and feels his excitement as he throbs against her hand,
Twitching for her,
Pulsing for her body,
They moan in to each other as fingers explore,
Waves of pleasure entwine with gentle kisses,
His tongue enters her mouth, she kisses him back,
Eyes widen as she becomes awash with desire for him,
His fingers glide and swirl, her nails grip against his flesh,
Her eyes say it all,
She wants him,
Needs and desires him,
She loves him,
And he loves her,

A gasp,

A bit lip,

Devotion untold,

Take me my love,

Take me here…

Copyright Mr Darwin Blake 2013

Soon my sweet.

These three words I said to you.
To keep you sated all night through.
Said to keep you from the peak.
Helped you hold off, just for me.
Felt the clench against myself.
And the panting in my ear.
These words you beg to hear from me.
Are coming, soon my sweet.
To keep myself from the brink.
And hold back from your flesh.
As I take your nipple in my mouth.
And swirl my tongue around.
I bite down so so gently.
It gives me time to cool.
Because my love, you have no clue.
Of how you thrill me so.
The little things you do to me.
Of how you bite my lip.
And clamp so tightly round my flesh.
Then pull me deep between your hips.
A grinding, mesmerising dance.
Our unison of two bodies with one soul.
Once more you whisper in my ear.
To beg me for release.
But again I whisper back.
Not yet but soon my sweet.


Ravish my muse.
Words in my head.
Paint the walls.
And wreck my bed.
Promise her pleasure.
Delights are ahead.
Give her my love.
My touch and my tongue.
Place myself where my body belongs.
Here and there.
Wherever I dare.
Leave her to cherish.
The feeling below. 
Give her my flesh.
Back arched to a bow.
And take what I need.
Press myself in.
And feel her tight squeeze.
Then feel the release.
Delve as far as my body allows.
Wait for the noise.
That is nothing but loud.
Feel the sensation as nails are dug deep.
Wait for the thump as my heart skips a beat.
Show my devotion.
And smile for all time.
Tonight for her I feel. 

Copyright Mr Darwin Blake 2013

Your Command.

Everything I have to give.
Is all you’ll ever need, I swear.
My body, soul and mind is yours.
My flesh it waits for your word.
Anticipates and salivates.
To do whatever you desire.
And succumb to your demands.
Tame my soul and too my will.
Lock me deep beneath the ground.
Hide my flesh from sight.
Milk me dry for your needs.
Anything for you, I plead.
Let me kneel and bow down.
Be the jewel within your crown.
Bind me, tease and tempt me so.
Hover inches from my face.
Bring your lips to meet with mine.
That taste alone is so divine.
To please you so is my reward.
Anything to feel that touch.
Break my will, I will beg “more.”
Tie me to the fucking floor.
Lash me tightly to the bed.
Stop before my pleasure spreads.
Make me wait for your word.
Command me just as I deserve.
Your demands are met without.
A word, a question, any doubt.
Anything you ask of me.
Mistress I shall do for thee…

For you Mistress.

Thank you mistress.
Slowly and carefully.
Caressing your lips with mine.
Kissing your folds.
Petting your ass hole with gentle kisses. Running my fingers along your flesh. Pursing your lips between them.
Making your clitoris rise.
My mouth lowering slowly against you. Teasing you with my breath.
Turning you in to my plaything.
Poking my tongue out.
Pressing the tip against your flesh.
You know.
That spot between.
The place that drives you wild.
I glide slowly up between your lips. Feeling the rush of excitement in my own burning loins.
Quivering beneath my mouth.
Your beautiful ruby lips wait for more. Desire my all.
My tongue slinks up further.
Almost reaching your clitoris.
And just before it does.
Just before my moist tongue clashes with your button.
I clamp my lips over it and hold you in my mouth.
My tongue swirling round and over your button.
Hood pulled back by my fingers.
My mouth moving over your lips.
Tongue darting between and through. Biting gently.
Sucking at your inner thigh.
Kissing and caressing every inch of your soft pink lips.
My tongue slides all the way between your lips and slips quickly over your ass. Making you clench and judder against my mouth.
Every action having an equal and satisfying reaction.
Every motion and movement making a moment of intense pleasure.
Every time I touch your body it sings. And I ask.
Does this please you mistress?



When you take a shower.
Do you think of me?
Washing you all over.
Doing what I do.
Do you think I’m there with you.
Kissing your soft flesh.
Trailing kisses down your chest.
Slowly up your leg.
Do you think of when I placed.
Your leg astride my neck.
And how I spent an age down there.
As water cascades down your body.
And how you clenched so tightly.
And how your leg gave way.
As I slowly devoured you.
In the shower that day.
How I span you round to face.
Those cool white tiles.
How it felt.
Your breasts pressed hard.
Against that smooth ice wall.
My hands. 
My mouth.
Every inch.
And how it felt.
When I filled you.
And soul.