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Come…she said.
Come to me.
She banished all fear and shame.
Held me close and did not judge.
She who…she who released my heart.
She has made my life.
She has bought me joy.
Joy…joy I’ve never felt.
Such happiness should be saved for one day.
Not every day.
Not each moment.
I don’t know how my heart copes.
Being full of the joy she brings.
My heart swells at the thought.
Every time I close my eyes.
She is there.
Calling me…wanting me.
And for that reason alone.
She is my muse.
My life and my love.
So…on this Valentines day.
My love.
My muse.
I am yours.

Copyright Mr Darwin Blake 2014


My soul.
My heart.
My deepest fear.
Is burning through my heart.
It strains against my flesh.
Searing at my life.
Destroying every inch of me.
From deep within to out.
Killing all my memories.
My mind it is without.
Slowly burning up my life.
My spark is going out.
This is how it feels sometimes.
Just how my life is.
Fear and fright.
Desperate pleas.
It really isn’t right.
And so I put my head on straight.
Bowtie slips no more.
Clean and cut.
Dashing smile.
Showman here once more.
Come on life.
Bring your worst.
For I am Darwin Blake!

Copyright Mr Darwin Blake 2014



My tattered life, those words so cold.
I sit alone…among the embers of what used to be.
Images burning in my mind.
Like snapshots of my life.
Smiles and laughter.
Those precious moments.
But still she laughs.
Not behind my back.
Oh no.
She laughs in my face.
Every day.
She laughs so hard.
A rapturous, manic sound.
And deep within I hear her cry out.
Deep down under the facade and laughter.
Far below the painted surface of her fixed smile.
Is a heart that wishes things had be otherwise.
Wishing things had not ended so.
You see…she laughs a lie.
She hides her love behind her laugh.
Tears roll down her face now.
Not the funny weep of laughing.
No, the big rolling tears of sadness.
She has laughed so long now.
Laughed until she is hoarse.
Until the air turns dry in her throat and it burns.
But still she laughs.
Still she breaks my heart.
Because she knows no other way.
It’s just not meant to be.
Because it simply is.
What else can I do?
If I thought it would help, I’d beg.
My teeth would grind and my nails would dig in to my palms until I bled.
The blood that pumps from my hear for her to see.
And I’d gladly bleed for her.
So it makes her smile once more.
If the smile was for me.
That sweet girl with those beautiful eyes.
So full of kindness and love.
But…she’s gone.
Its the only way.
The only way she knows.
And now my tattered life slowly builds again.
Her laugh may hurt but my walls stand strong.
They have to.
To help my tattered heart.
It heals slowly.
Because the wounds are deep and the laughter cuts like steel.
But my tattered heart will mend.
One day I will stand tall.

Copyright Mr Darwin Blake 2013

Stairway to Heaven.

My eyes they slowly trace the line.
Upward, skywards, so divine.
Fingers skip along your leg.
To that place between.
Where the warmth does lie.
Pulses race across your flesh.
Breath it quickens.
Gathers pace.
Teasing with my soul and flesh.
Lace against my finger tips.
Tiny black bow ties.
Make my fingers want to dance.
Quick not slower.
But not a race.
Use my lips and tongue tip well.
Biting gently, little nips.
What’s that my sweet?
Speak it loud.
Scream and shout.
Purr for me.
As my fingers dance.
But it seems.
That’s not enough.
Fingers grip my curls.
Drag my head from where it sits.
And press it to your lips.
Wrap your thighs around my head.
Pull me, press me, grind against.
On this stairway.
Your body begs to dance.

Copyright Mr Darwin Blake 2013

Drifting in to paradise.

My mind wanders with sweet delight.
My dreams filled of only you.
My fingers dip beneath the elastic of my shorts.
I feel myself rise.
I think of you.
Stood before me.
Telling me how and when to touch. Commanding me to release the pressure.
Smiling wickedly and telling me to grip harder.
My breathing shallows.
A deep urge builds.
Not quite yet you say to me.
To help prolong the thrill.
Hot to touch now.
Can’t hold back.
Yes you say.
The time had come
I release.
And then some!
A shudder washes over me.
And knowing that you’re there.
Clench for me.
I slowly let it out.
A moan so deep, it hurts my throat.
And sated is my need.
My hunger is no longer.
My need is quenched again.
My eyes closed tight.
My breathing slows.
I know not what my body does as I drift in to paradise.

Copyright Mr Darwin Blake 2013


Things in life are often used.
To cause us pain and make us bruised.
Bring us sadness, tears and lows.
Kick us with a shocking blow.
Stab us deep and twist the knife.
Rip us sharply from our life.
But you know.
In this sad life.
There are people just like you.
People who will shield our hearts.
Bring us light from out of dark.
Stop the daggers with a word.
Ease the pressure of the shard.
Blunt them with your kindness.
Turn them to rust with your kisses.
For you.
You are…a precious soul.
Truly unique and stunning.
Shelter those who need your care.
Shroud the helpless with sweet words.
Comfort, care and support.
Those who need it more than most.
To you I raise a glass today.
Raise the hearts and minds.
Toast to all those lost to us.
Keep them in our minds.
My special friend.
Daggers can not harm your heart.
For you are made of love.
And love is all I know.

Copyright Mr Darwin Blake 2013


They saw each other every day.
If only from a far.
Every day just one step.
They took closer still.
And one day.
The tide was far and the land took place of the sea.
They walked toward each others heart.
And loneliness was no more.
They touched and smiled.
Their fingers linked.
A brief “Hello.” Was all it took.
As he took her in his arms.
And for that moment.
And ever more.
They held each other tightly so.
Then their world was complete.
The tide that fled.
It soon came back.
And without a care they embraced.
And slowly as the waters met.
He kissed her.

…kissed by the lapping of the waves.

Copyright Mr Darwin Blake 2013


Her flesh slid around his.
As one for the first time.
Together at last.
An eternity apart.
A lifetime without.
They savour.
Every second.
A memory made.
Every moment.
As if lost in each other.
Fingers entwined.
Moans as one.
She sinks lower.
Lower still.
Until there is no more.
He is within.
Delicious feelings.
Flesh grasped.
The moment comes but not at once.
It lasts and it lingers.
Shuddering waves.
Breath…gasp…quivering lips.
The feeling held.
Like the lovers.
Held forever.
In each other’s arms.

Copyright Mr Darwin Blake 2013

My ache.

The ache I feel.
It burns my soul.
Waiting for your call.
My fingers thrum against my leg.
My mind it drifts.
And heart it begs.
My lips they shake.
My body aches.
Waiting for that call.
My teeth they press.
My lip between.
For whats coming.
Yet unseen.
Waiting for your words.
Check the screen.
Again, once more.
Once again for luck.
Come on please!
I beg of you.
Begging you to call.
And I’ll sit.
Well, maybe not quite.
Close my eyes and dream of you.
Waiting for your call.

Copyright Mr Darwin Blake 2013

One more.

One more touch.
A sweet caress.
I run my fingers.
Across your chest.
Swirling every finger tip.
Watching as…
You bite your lip.
Smiling as…
You moan delight.
Your body lit by candlelight.
Waiting for that perfect time.
Time to make your body mine.
Seconds pass and minutes fly.
As I slowly bide my time.
Beneath my touch your body shines.
Dont touch yet.
Not your turn.
Patience is a virtue love.
Something that you’ll soon learn.
Now my fingers dance so slow.
Wandering to what’s below.
Feel me there.
And the warmth grows.
As my fingers dip.
That warmth you feel.
It spreads across.
Every inch of flesh.
The pleasure is all yours.
The pleasing is all mine.
Shall I keep you at the peak?
Slow and gentle pace.
Or my sweet surrender.
Should my fingers race?
Do you want it now my love?
Or will you last all night?
It’s up to you my Angel.
Tell me what feels right.

Mr Darwin Blake © 2013